Tuesday, 30 August 2016

People make Glasgow

Once voted as the world's friendliest city, Glasgow undoubtedly holds a special place in many of its visitors' hearts. Yes, most Glaswegians come across as really polite people to me, and they really take pride in their renowned hospitality: they will never get tired of whatsoever queries you'll ever have in regard to their city. So don't be too surprise to receive elaborate long-winded answers and explanations from the local community.

With its history dated back to the medieval period, it's no wonder you can find a multitudes of victorian-inspired architecture in every nook and cranny of the city. There are just too many good things about Glasgow. Well, what I am going to write about has no association with the array of attractions in and out of the city. In fact, I am just gonna share with you two things I have observed in the city that kinda give me a tad-bit shock.

1) Well, frankly, the streets are quite dirty. I have been walking down and up on the same streets like Buchanon Street and Sauchiehall Street for at least 10 times over the span of the past few days; and to my surprise, paper trash could be seen all over the place. I saw a restaurant worker just dumping out kitchen waste onto a bustling street. I bumped into a Malaysian living in Bristol who came to the city on vacation, and he shared the same opinion as me. He's been to some of the major cities in the UK but none of those cities was as dirty as Glasgow.

2) A lot of drivers in Glasgow will just turn off their car's engines while waiting in the traffic even if it's just a few seconds; and it is really, at most time, just a few fleeting seconds of a stationary traffic on the thoroughfare. I was on a airport passenger bus on the way to my intent destination. And the bus driver would just turn off the car's engine for every momentary stop at all drop-off points. Besides, some drivers would do the same thing at a red traffic light. Even the cab driver I met would stop the car's engine while waiting for the passengers to unload the vehicle. Well, I was told that the car fuel is hefty expensive so the drivers have to save on the fuel by hook or by crook.